Blind Pig – by JK Rowling, performed by Emmi

“We needed a really interesting, authentically wonderfully, original voice… and Emmi shone out as someone very very special”

DAVID YATES (Director, Fantastic Beasts)


Endorsed by Taylor Swift

One of the 8 songs described as… “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome: (I promise!)”


“Emmi is a true original… it’s a bold, brash piece of electronic pop with just a hint of sugar on top”


“A cracking debut….that delicious post-chorus bit where she sings, “I like the kind of people that you roll with” is one of the highlights of 2015 so far.”




Sleep On It. Live @ Radio 1 Big Weekend




  • Platinum selling single, Norway
  • 26 million + Spotify plays
  • Global Pepsi campaign



  • 24 million + Spotify streams
  • Peaked at #3 in official French charts
  • Shazam-ed and loved by Guetta

Dear You.
My name is Emmi. Short for Emily. Long for Em.

I make music, tell stories and wander the planet. For some time now I have been doing so rather secretly. But in the summer of last year, my debut single ‘My Kinda Swag’ was set free, and that all changed. Perhaps that’s why you’re here now…

A little about me; my childhood was a well travelled one. First world, third world, my own world; I saw a lot of things in that time I will never forget and learned that change is the only sure thing in this life…

I’m none the wiser. I do music because I believe it connects us and helps us feel a little less alone. I try to paint a picture of life as we know it, warts and all, and turn that into something beautiful – because it is, anyway. And we are, anyway.

I grew up on classical music, the jazz greats and Shirley Temple movies and my brother’s Tupac CD’s. I have a deep appreciation for the art of the spoken word and I’m also a sucker for gospel spirituals, world music and masterful harmonies.

In my life to date I have lived and worked as a dancer, actress, songwriter and more recently an artist, but the underlying passion has always been the same: to tell a good story. Our stories.

I can’t wait to share more music with you. Thanks for stopping by!

Emmi x

“Nothing is perfect. Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing is ever finished.” (‘Wabi Sabi’)